Java Persistence with Hibernate explores the Hibernate object/relational mapping software by developing an application that ties together hundreds of individual examples.

Started by Christian Bauer G+ and Gavin King G+ with the bestselling book Hibernate in Action, it is the primary resource for Java software engineers who want to learn best practices in SQL database design and object/relational persistence.

Second Edition
Hibernate 5.x, JPA 2.1
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Hibernate 3.x, JPA 1.0
Published: 2006
Sample Chapters: 2
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Hibernate 2.x
Published: 2004
Sample Chapters: 2, 6
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"Java Persistence with Hibernate is the most comprehensive, authoritative and definitive guide, tutorial, and reference to OR-mapped Java persistence."
-- Will Wagers,

"I wholeheartedly recommend this book!"
-- Stuart Caborn, Consultant, Thoughtworks

"A must-read for developers using Hibernate."
-- Dan Dobrin, Principal Consultant, BEA Systems

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